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A Worthwhile Cause

During the last 10 years or so of Larry’s life, I had a profound sense of desire and urgency for his ministry to carry on after he dies. I didn’t want to lose him, but more than that I didn’t want people in our current and future generations to miss out on what he knew and taught….

His emphasis was especially on our closest relationships where we tend to let Christianity affect us the least.

The church of today and tomorrow desperately needs what Larry had to say, and Larger Story is poised to offer this!

Since the Summit event this past March my wife and I been able to be a part of an on-line gathering Larger Story hosts that has connected people monthly across the country and from as far away as New Zealand to hear from a speaker and then meet together in small breakout triads and quads to go deeper and practice being present with one another in ways that have been very refreshing and encouraging. One of the most encouraging things has been to feel the common humanity and heart connections we share with believers all over the world. We all have the same flesh-spirit battle and we can be vehicles in one another’s lives to pour in life and also to be inspired. We want to do everything we can to see this ministry thrive and be faithful to the Lord’s direction.

We’re very excited for the direction Larger Story is aiming for the future. Staff and volunteers have been working hard to condense and distill many of Larry’s key concepts into a series of on-line, interactive classes which can become a vehicle for relational growth. And, of course as Larry was fond of pointing out:

“spiritual growth IS relational growth!”

If some Christian organization doesn’t take up the prophetic mantle to help the church “put Jesus on display by the way we relate”, we are going to continue to be the powerless tragedy we have been for generations. Larger Story might not be a movement that sweeps across all churches and the nation, but if individuals and pockets of believers get a scent of this trail and journey together toward what’s “only possible by the Holy Spirit”, then a lot of good will come from it. Larry’s son, Ken, reflecting on the impact of his father’s ministry, said his dad dedicated his life to “beautifying the bride of Christ”.

We can’t think of a more worthwhile cause till we’re Home.

We also appreciate the attention to emotionally healthy functioning in the church because “emotional intelligence” (EQ) is woefully low where we come from. We like the teaching and guidance that helps us want to know our relational impact on others and to grow in our ability to depend on the Spirit so what lingers is something of Jesus and not the usual! Also, we’re hopeful re the help Larry’s perspective brings in terms of the possibility for preventing unnecessary emotional wounding in the church and in marriages… and, if not prevention, at least a place to go with these wounds for help and real hope. 

-Larger Story Supporter

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