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Advent | Week 1 | Wednesday

Worship on Wednesdays

While we often think of singing when we talk about worship, Scripture describes worship as so much more.  Worship is the way that we respond to God that values Him for Who He is and as the Source of our greatest joy.  Here are just a few ideas for offering yourself in worship to God:

  • Go for a walk, giving your attention to the beauty of the world God created.
  • Spend time with someone who is often alone or isolated, focusing on listening to, seeing, and affirming the image of God in them.
  • Since God is the Source of all creativity and vitality and we are made in His likeness, draw, paint, sculpt, sew, or practice some of form of artistic expression of beauty as as expression of His nature. 
  • Make a list or vision board of some of the ways that you’ve seen God’s presence at work in your life as a tangible reminder of His involvement and grace.

We also have a Larger Story playlist on Spotify to help you center your attention on Jesus this season, and we’ll be adding music to it as Advent continues.  Here’s one sample of what you’ll hear there.

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