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Advent | Week 2 | Monday

Memories on Mondays

Today, Larry and Rachael’s daughter-in-law Kimmie, Kep’s wife, describes her relationship with Larry & Rachael.

Kimmie: I came into the Crabb family in 1992 and then married Kep (Larry and Rachael’s oldest child) in 1994.  The love that Pop-Pop (Larry) and Nana (Rachael) have shown me is hard to put into words.  I remember a story that really impacted me with Pop.  I was having a hard time and like many of you the first thing I did was want to talk to Pop (Larry).  I called him and he answered.  I didn’t call him too often and he happened to be in a meeting with the faculty of the university he was teaching at.  He told everyone that he had to leave and came to be with me and Kep as he gave us advice and his wisdom.  You always felt like a priority to him.  

Nana and I have a special mother-in-law/daughter-in-law relationship. She has been like my mother and fully accepted me into the family.  The marriage example that she and Pop provided us and everyone who knew them is priceless.  She continues to show us how to follow the Spirit even now as she does it without her soul-mate.

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