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Advent | Week 2 | Wednesday

Worship on Wednesday

Presenting ourselves to God – being present with Him as well as available to follow Him, is intrinsic to worship. 

  • Consider how God has redeemed your past.  Regardless of how the surface circumstances of our lives may look, we have all been rescued from the darkness of our own selfishness and rebellion against God.  Spend some time naming the things from which He has delivered you.
  • Offer yourself to God.  How might you make Him happy today?  In your words to others?  By interacting with a difficult person with courage and kindness instead of being “nice”?   As you give witness to what you see God doing in another person’s life? By choosing to hope in Him again? In your quiet faithfulness amid repetitive tasks?
  • Be deliberate in celebrating the opportunities of ordinary life to give God joy in the way that you relate. 

We also have a Larger Story playlist on Spotify to help you center your attention on Jesus this season, and we’re continuing to add music to it throughout Advent. 

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