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Advent | Week 3 | Sunday

Worship & Welcome: The Rescue Candle

The tabernacle, the place where God first moved in to be with His people, paints a picture that foreshadows what is to come. The portability and design point to God’s commitment to never leave or forsake His people. It is visible proof that God’s presence was real and was going to be with them no matter where they wandered. The tabernacle was also a place of atonement, bearing testimony to God’s plan to provide the atonement that would forever destroy the walls that sin had built. The Holy of Holies and all of the extravagant detail offer the hope of the future incarnation when God himself would leave His home in Heaven to live the human experience with us humans here on earth. 

As you light the third candle, the candle of Hope, give thanks for the Living Hope that you have and celebrate the hope of heaven that we have because of this Advent story.

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