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Advent | Week 3 | Thursday

Thankful Thursdays

Holidays can be very difficult times.  Reality rarely matches the “Hallmark card” expectations that can be projected on festive celebrations.  Empty places at the table where loved ones sat in the past feel even more pronounced at family gatherings.  Yet here is the holy place where God meets us between the yearning for “shalom” and all that is still marked by the Fall. 

  • Take a few minutes to make a list of things that make you aware of the inner ache of waiting.
  • Without denying the ache, what gifts are you thankful for amid the losses you’ve experienced?
  • Is there a way that, like Elizabeth,  your struggle has shaped you into a meaningful companion for others who are suffering?
  • Ask the Lord to bring at least one person to mind to whom you can offer some form of comfort.
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