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Advent | Week 3 | Wednesday

Worship on Wednesday

Music has always been a form of “prayer without ceasing” for me.  I can look back at various seasons of my life, and there were particular songs that gave words to my struggle or which expressed my desire before God. As I played them repeatedly, those songs were interwoven with my conversations with Him. 

During one particularly painful season, I found myself unable to find any words to pray.  I felt as if I had already said everything I could possibly say to God about a situation that had caused years of heartache, and I was utterly worn out.  In a very personal way, God expectedly provided several classical music CDs – music without words.  As I listened to them, I sensed the Spirit saying that He could handle my weary silence, that He would still find ways to minister to me without words.

  • Make a list of ways that God has shown up in your life.  Were there particular songs that ministered to you then or provided words to offer Him when you had none of your own?
  • Revisit some of those today as an act of remembering God’s faithfulness and celebrating His character.

We also have a Larger Story playlist on Spotify to help you center your attention on Jesus this season, and we’re continuing to add music to it throughout Advent. 

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