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Learning to Dance with the Trinity

Where do I begin? Where does any sojourner begin to thank the guides and signposts along the way?  More specifically, along the New Way?  Our own journey within God’s Larger Story? The journey to know Him, through the life and legacy of Dr. Lawrence J. Crabb?

Of course, begin in the beginning!

The call to join SSD5 came quietly, expectantly—then fulfilled in a rawness of soul never experienced before–soul stripped bare, exposed to Light, True Light–high in the Colorado Rockies. The Holy Spirit was palpable. Transcendence held a new heart and hunger—mine. 

Soul care started with Larry’s YES to God to serve the hungry and show “another beggar where to find bread.” Through teaching, worship, fellowship, spiritual direction, laughter, tears of surrender and triumph, surrounded by the serene embrace of God’s natural beauty, thirty sojourners traveled on sacred ground, filled to overflowing, yet left hungry for so much more. If you’ve yet to experience “thin places,” where heaven passes by like the nearness to Moses’ face hidden in the cleft, you’d long for this deepest encounter as well. 

And did I mention we danced?  Certainly figuratively with pure soul-filled joy…but dare I say literally?  Letha’s hands flew across the keys of the grand, drawing us into a worship of heavenly proportions! Moments forever imprinted on my heart–a taste of heaven—this side. Thank you, Larry, for such freedom–inviting us to experience Him in real time.

When his book Soul Talk:  The Language God Longs for Us to Speak followed, it filled the empty space left by our experience, so indescribable and rare. The hunger for more: More of God…more of Him. Perhaps Larry’s own words can tell you what we came to long for:

“I realized then what I now want everyone to know—that every hard thing we endure can put us in touch with our desire for God, and every trial can strengthen that desire until it becomes the consuming passion of our life.  Then comes the experience of God:  intoxicated on the Spirit, ravished by the Bridegroom, delighted in by the Father—dancing with the Trinity. It’s the one source of our deepest joy, the real point of living.”  (p. 8)

Truly, experiencing God, our deepest joy, is the real point of living.

From this rarified air and indelible memory along with Larry’s teaching, writing, Advanced School of Spiritual Direction, Next Steps, Soul Care conferences, and workshops at “The Cove,” I can only say with the most grateful heart, once again, thank you. Thank you God for giving me a small taste of what’s to come through Larry and Rachael Crabb’s commitment to teaching the Word and living it. 

The spiritual journey navigated by this brother and sister in Christ has invited us to “speak the language of the soul–come alive with the power of God.” (Back cover of Soul Talk) And there isn’t a more beautiful invitation on the planet!  But don’t forget Larry’s constant reminder: “We’re a mess, and we won’t get it right ‘til heaven.”

Though…”for now we see through a glass dimly…” I can say with utmost confidence— our teacher and counselor, co-labored and friend, Dr. Lawrence J. Crabb got it right! He forever dances with his, our–The Trinity. I can only imagine…. 

“…And just call me Larry.”  

Until we meet again…that one fine day…


(“To Jill—Keep on, dear sister—you’re called, you’re loved, you matter – Larry Crabb” [with an indecipherable signature inside my copy of Soul Talk!] )

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