The following is a list of events scheduled for the current year. Please check back often as we will continue to finalize dates and additional speaking/conference opportunities. Our 2020 calendar should be ready soon.

to Jan 01

Larger Story Essentials Webinar Series | Part 4

Part 4: Restore Intimacy in Relationships

What It Means to Relate Like the Trinity

  • How to cultivate intimacy with God, with yourself, with others.
  • Understand how connecting with the Trinity transforms your relationships.
  • Learn how to be sustained in intimate relationships that are painful and disappointing.
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to Dec 17

Larger Story Essentials Webinar Series | Part 5

Part 5: Have Conversations that Matter with Power and Impact

How the New Covenant Offers Life in Relationships

  • Learn how Jesus offers a new way to relate that overcomes relational poverty.
  • Get equipped to have spiritual conversations that draw others to their need for God.
  • Experience satisfying connections as you relate with spiritual power.


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