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Slowing down for authentic conversations | Ep. 14

Have you ever had a conversation in which you were passionately sharing what you believe is true only to realize that the other person has completely disconnected from what you’re expressing? Or maybe the discussion spirals downward into an argument. In today’s episode, Relational Spirituality Host Rosanne Moore is joined by her daughter Anita Grace to explore how we can become better listeners, more influential mentors, and more connected members of multi-generational spiritual community, in spite of social divides and competing narratives. 

Anita Grace’s Bio:

From the time she was a young girl, Anita Grace wondered about the “why” that was behind people’s choices. A simple “because” or “that’s just how it is” left so much unsaid, and to her, that piece of how humans exist and interact has always been the most vital. 

Anita Grace is a college student who is studying to be a trauma therapist. She volunteers at various counseling setups that incorporate animals to gather knowledge to personally use in her future career. Raised in a Christian household, Anita Grace constantly grapples with how to lead life of faith centered around authenticity. Her hope is to make Jesus known and give back through therapy and the practice of holding space for the pain of others. 

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